Change Older Post And Newer Post Link With Images Blogger

Change Older Post And Newer Post Link With icons or images in Blogger is very nice trick to make your blog look very beautiful.As it make your blog look more beautiful than before if you are using good icons to be get replaced with older post or newer post or home link.Today i will tell you how easy it is to hide those links and place your any image you like.

These are the links below pointed by arrows to be get replaced in picture which i was talking about.

Now how to change these links with icons is very easy.

Got to LAYOUT > Edit HTML > Expand Widgets

Now follow these steps to replace codes :-

Find the code in red lines and replace them with lines in green following each red line-

Replace with
<img src=''/>

Replace with
<img src=''/>

Replace with
<img src=''/>

Please Host these images to your hosting image service and change these urls with yours as they may exceed bandwidth.

Now preview it . If its Ok
You can save your template.

How the links will appear after changing these codes -

I hope you will like these trick and icons for sure and its an advice to please host these images to your server.

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